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Welcome to my zine page! I’ve been making zines since I was a kid, and started sharing my creations online by opening Amy’s Zine Shop in 2022. I make zines on queer identity, pop culture, mental health, and literary themes – usually with a dose of comedy.

You can find my zines on my Etsy shop if you’d like to support me – or you can contact me on Instagram and I’ll be happy to send you digital files for free 🙂

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Some of my Zines:

What’s a zine?

Zines have a rich and rebellious history, emerging as a platform for self-expression and underground culture. The roots of zines can be traced back to the science fiction fandom of the 1930s, when fun nerds would share their passion for their fandom in fanzines.

It was during the punk movement of the 1970s that zines really found their footing. Punks used zines as a means to challenge mainstream media and spread their raw, unfiltered perspectives.

Today, zines provide a vibrant tapestry of diverse voices, combining analog and digital mediums to express personal stories and alternative perspectives.